Let’s build an ARK

Contrary to common belief, co-living is not new. Across the world, people have been living in close-knit communities, sharing resources, joys and burdens, for centuries. Yet with soaring bills, shifts in how we work, and a seismic rise in loneliness, isolated modern living just isn’t working. At ARK, we believe that city living can be better – more convenient, more comfortable and a whole lot more fun. We don’t need quite so much ‘stuff’. But we could all do with a little more connection.

Live your way

Whether that’s having a little extra money for your night out, taking the hassle out of managing your bills, or having a reliable place to work without the pressure to buy expensive coffee. At ARK you can cook in your studio or try the communal kitchen. Work out in the gym or pop down to see your friends. Join one of our events or host one of your own. And when you’re done, we’ll help you with the cleaning. It’s your home, your way – in the heart of London.

Our Values

We enable genuine connection

Woven into our fabric is a deep commitment to community. We want members to feel part of something bigger than themselves. To live in a place big enough to stretch themselves in. A place built for genuine connection —to each other, to the wider city, to the rich heritage of the local community around them. We want members to feel a sense of, not only being at home, but of making a home. That feeling that there are people, an abundance of people, who are in this together.

We create spaces where you can be yourself!

We know that the feeling of a home is deeply personal and each of our members are unique. We create a place everyone can be themselves, with spaces that reflect and cater to differing needs and personalities, while leaving plenty of space for you to make it your own whether you stay for a few nights or move in for months.

We create places that feel inviting and homely.

We want you to feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. Each building is much more than a place. It’s an invitation. Not just to visit. But to belong. A place that feels familiar and comfortable. Bring your friends, make new friends, or just relax alone. Everyone is welcome.

We are a home for creativity.

We want our members to be inspired in our spaces. To be a home for creativity. A place to learn, work, enjoy and innovate. The community is the creative fire-power, and we exist to help it flourish — to provide the spaces, tools and ideas and then get out of the way.

We can be counted on. Relied on. Always.

In a city always moving, relentlessly changing, too often indifferent, we can be counted on. We make our members lives easier so they can focus on what matters. They know we can be trusted—to care for their place, their community and their planet. The ARK team are here for you, empathy and inclusivity are at the forefront of everything we do.