Six of the coolest places to visit in London

Sure, there are plenty of well-known tourist hotspots to enjoy in London - you know the ones we’re talking about, The London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

They might be city highlights and must-visits but what’s beyond those big-name attractions? If you’re looking for more quirky, unique, cool places in London - those ‘off the beaten track’ hidden gems, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Little Venice

It’s time to totally switch off and soak up the scenery at Little Venice. You won’t even know you’re in London here, thanks to its colourful canal boats - most of which double up as a tearoom or restaurant - sitting on a waterway lined with botanics. If you don’t fancy visiting any of the boats themselves, why not take a stroll down the entire Little Venice canal footpath. This takes around an hour, and you’ll find yourself venturing between Paddington and Camden Lock Market.

Camden Market

Once you’ve hit Little Venice - or are about to - be sure to check out Camden Market. Constantly proving popular amongst both locals and visitors, Camden Market is famous for its independent stores, bargain-busting thrift shops, outdoor dining and bursts of colour. It’s loved by all - with better-known shoppers including the likes of David Bowie, Naomi Campbell and of course, the Queen of Camden, Amy Winehouse. If you like exploring and people-watching, you could easily spend a day here.

Neal’s Yard

Welcome to Covent Garden’s secret little hideaway. Perfect for those wanting to get a snap-worthy ‘Gram shot - and one that’s bursting with character and colour - is Neal’s Yard. Tucked away through a side street in Covent Garden, you’ll find a selection of quaint vegan cafes, independent retailers and of course the famous Neal’s Yard Remedies. 

St Dunstan

Escape the hustle and bustle of London, as you enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of St Dunstan in the East. The refurbished medieval church is located just a 10-minute walk from Tower Bridge, and now offers the perfect place to totally switch off after a busy day. The church walls, damaged during WWII are decorated with lush greenery, transformed to create frames around the courtyard. 

God’s Own Junkyard

If you’re looking for that edgy Insta-worthy photo, then step inside this fabulously funky paradise of neon signs, God’s Own Junkyard. A warehouse tucked away in Walthamstow, packed full of neon signs which have each carefully created by the Bracey family, who own the business. As well as being used as film props, the signs can also be rented out and even bought by visitors. 

Brick Lane

Guaranteed to satisfy all of your senses is Brick Lane. Known for its vibrant street art, food markets and vintage shops, you could spend all day exploring the various corners of Brick Lane. You’ll no doubt be greeted by a fusion of colours thanks to the decorative art murals just waiting to be admired, as well as a burst of exotic aromas released from the multiple curry houses you’ll find dotted around. Every month there’s a new restaurant opening its doors and every week, another piece of art seems to appear - no two days are the same on Brick Lane.